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SCVN Career advisory portal is completely free service. this is the best career test - a prediction engine built from the ground up using the latest innovations in psychometrics and machine learning. With a massive database of over 800 career profiles, containing thousands of pieces of unique content aimed at helping people understand and enter careers.There is a note here that the database is primarily from the US so we just consult to it, since their number of careers is more than us. However, this is a very good tool for students to find their favorite careers accurate and fastest.

General survey

To get started, we're going to ask you a set of questions. These first questions are aimed at helping us understand careers you match with based on your interests. There is no wrong answers, we are just learning about what makes you unique. This first section should take approximately five minutes.

History and Goals

In order to find the right career for you, it’s important to know where you’re already been, which direction you want to go in, and what your expectations are.This section should take approximately five minutes to complete


What is your ideal work environment? Would you rather work inside or outside, moving  or sitting down? Where we work directly affects our happiness in our career. These questions aim to understand your ideal work environment. This section should take approximately five minutes to complete.


Next we are going to dig into your personal interests. Do you like cooking? Writing? Fixing things? We're going to ask you a series of questions about what you like and show you how that matches to your top careers. This section should take approximately seven minutes to complete.


The next step to finding the best career for you is to understand what careers you would be good at. There are careers you may have an interest in but may not be suited for you personality-wise. That's what these questions measure. This section should take approximately six minutes to complete.

SCVN study abroad portal offers a wide range of courses: high school, college, university, postgraduate, English language study, transfer, vocational training in some  developed countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Singapore, etc.

Try to find and explore your dream courses here.

1. Use the SCVN study abroad portal to find the course for free!

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The domestic admissions portal provides information about the enrollment scheme registered with the Ministry of Education and Training, which supports the enrollment results and especially the prediction results of admission game. Our goal is to help students select the course, university by their ability. This game is an informational channel with simulated models on past year's passed numbers to forecast for this year. You will predict the results of your studies and choose your aspirations to see which one gets the most accurate results.

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